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Coup Data

Analysing the impact of data on society


Our Analyzis

We live a unique and exciting time: the internet of value, web3, tokenomics, metaverse. Artists, coders, designer, lawyers, etc. are engaging to build new protocols and ecosystems.


We provide monthly perspective about this paradigm shift.

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Our Magazine 

"Coup Data" is also a magazine analyzing the impact of technology on society, with a new generation of thinkers and trailblaizers.

Promoting a European vision on digital topics (cybercriminality, blockchain, quantum, artificial intelligence) from multi-disciplinary stakeholders.

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Our Tips - in French

Startups, entrepreneurs, innovateurs, retrouvez des conseils pratiques sur vos enjeux juridiques quotidien (données personnelles, propriété intellectuelle, protection logiciel, cybersécurité....).

Une fiche par thème pour vous permettre de vous y retrouver dans cet univers mouvant.

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