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We are living a pivotal moment, with the transition from the Internet of information to the Internet of values.


In 2011, Marc Andreessen wrote the now famous "software is eating the world" to describe how software companies would disrupt every sector and industry.

Now, we believe "Token is eating the world!".

Distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), blockchains included, allow assets to be transferred securely over the Internet without relying on a central control body, enabling large-scale decentralization of transactions, peer-to-peer, from individual to individual.

Today the structuring of these spaces is at stake. We may be at the equivalent of the 90's of the Internet, a crucial moment where researchers, developers, crypto experts, designers, lawyers, among others, meet and collaborate to define new protocols, new modes of interoperability and connectivity. It is therefore today that the future and the construction of these new spheres is under way. The lessons of the last thirty years should teach us not to reproduce the same logics (asymmetry of information, attention capture, breach of data and privacy, winners take all, walled gardens, etc.).

From NFT to metaverse, tokenomics and web 3.0, we are eager to explore those new frontiers....

Come join us.

Adrien Basdevant


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